“One thing is sure. Democracy is doomed. This is our last election. It is fascism or communism. We are at the crossroads — I take the road to fascism”. — Father Charles Coughlin, 1936

In a day of stark images, one symbolized American descent like no other: the busts and…

South of Najaf, Iraq in 2003, General David Petraeus asked the question which would serve as an early epitaph for the entire American misadventure in Iraq: “Tell me how this ends.” Today, Americans are asking the same question about a very different enemy.

Every so often, an event occurs which, like the receding of the tide, exposes the detritus left behind. As we watch the world pass by, day by day through the windows of our homes, Americans are being forced to confront the cracks increasingly present in the national façade. Even as…

Evan Belosa

Lawyer by day. Star Wars aficionado by night. Hug a wookie and fight the dark side.

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